​​Praise for Black Diamond

"Black Diamond poetically brings my experiences to life for generations to come. It inspires you to never give up, no matter what obstacles you may face."

~Chanra Chheun

​"I applaud this creative addition to our tragic Cambodian history. This artful story of love and loss tells the world how we suffered at the hands of a brutal regime."

~Molyda Szymusiak, author of The Stones Cry Out 

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"If Cambodia is to survive, she needs many voices."

~Dith Pran

​​Chanra and her family are forced from their peaceful home by the Khmer Rouge and sent on an unforgettable journey through the horrors of the Cambodian killing fields. Torture, starvation, and gruesome deaths are seen through the eyes of this young witness to a shocking time in history. Chanra is separated from all of her loved ones, including the boy musician who captures her heart. She dreams of freedom and of one day ascending the temple mountain. In Black Diamond, Chanra tells her remarkable story in the hope that such inhumanity will never happen again. 

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Author's Note

​The story is dedicated to Chanra's children. The novel is for everyone, but I especially hope that young people who want to learn more about what happened during the Cambodian genocide will read it. I did not know. Who would think such things could ever be possible? This project started as a collection of Chanra's memories after she said, "my kids don't believe I was ever hungry." And she was one of the luckier ones. I thank Chanra, a tenacious spirit, and hope that those in search of freedom and justice find strength in her survival.


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